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as she lunged for him on a stairway. >> it was just got watching over us, she was right there on the stairs, and she picked him up, >> the university of colorado confirms that he was dropping out of a graduate program in neuroscience, police are confident that he acted alone but the motive for the massacre is still not clear. police also found explosives in his car and his nearby apartment. >> his apartment is booby trapped with various incendiary and chemical devices and apparent tripwires. >> this is the act, apparently, of a very deranged mind. our hearts are broken as we think about the families and friends of the victims of this senseless tragedy. >> now, we are told that at least 16 of the victims injured are critically injured, some of them have been in surgery all morning long. of course 12 confirmed dead and two of them died at hospital. 10 of them died in sight of this movie theater and as of one hour ago we're told that the bodies were still inside of the movie theater and police are still here, a lot of police activity in the parking lot, the crime scene tape
for themselves. >> does that make us stronger in the long run? >> i think that it makes us much stronger. more of a sense of community. >> we will survive in a matter what because we're americans but we have a lot to learn. >> the city had no plans for july 4th celebration of the people here decided that they can do it for themselves, and come to think of it, that is the true definition of independence. >> everyone is happy today, and, not just enjoy the spirit. >> in brentwood, john ramose, cbs 5. >> in part that was the theme of this year's fourth of july parade in danville. we're told 43,000 people lined the streets to watch. many arrive at 6:00 a.m. to find the best spot. some stick out their claim for a good seat as early as last night. and alameda host the nation's longest fourth of july parade route, 3 mi. long. fire trucks, floats, and flies were all part of the parade. 20,000 people showed up to watch dance troupes, antique cars, marching bands, and equestrians. >> come nightfall there are a fourth of july tradition but these fireworks the uc in this video shot from chapter 5 last yea
, they're looking at the idea of other reservoirs', using a string of them. but they need to study this because this is not just san fransisco but the entire bay area and that is what we will spend $8 million, if this and is approved, to take another look at. anywhere you go it is costing. >> thanks. >> more than four years after the murder of a father and his two sons in san fransisco. tonight a second suspect is behind bars, links to that shooting. investigators arrested a known gang member in north carolina this morning for that murder. joe vasquez has details of that arrest. >> the bus went down early this morning and cops and north carolina seized a gun, some cocaine, a man accused of harboring a fugitive and a fugitive himself, wanted for one of seven cisco's most notorious murders. neighbors in south or north carolina were shocked to learn that they had a fugitive living among them. >> it scares me because i have two young children. we did not know anything about this. they showed up monday and moved in. >> san fransisco police work with federal immigration agents as well as
that, then i think they can use that money to support people in the classroom which is where it really should be. >> there's a lot of anger over these executive compensation packages but there could be a bigger issue looming in the form of the governor's tax initiative on the november ballot. if that fails the entire csu system could lose $250 million and that is when we could see the tuition increases for students and deeper cuts for faculty in the salaries. >> it is interesting to hear officials talk about the amount of money when the perception appears to be that it is not about the amount itself, it is the fact that it has been given in light of all these other cuts. >> that is right, i believe that it is the principle of the even though it is less than 100,000 hollers. when you have clusters that have so many students in them and assumes that cannot even get into those clauses because they are overbooked, that is why there's a lot of anger. >> coming up new at 6 o'clock, a mixed report tonight on the job governor jerry brown is doing. exclusive poll puts his approval rating at 41%
. >> he does not smoke it, it does not give him high, it is part of the plant that has been used for thousands of years. my son has been doing amazingly. >> harborside has a sophisticated inventory control supply, the have security, and even 37 security cameras, they say that they're not about to close their doors. but they do have a court date set for october and we will see what the state is here. >> like a question because a lot of people think would say that they have heard of this for a long time and it did not get that large overnight. why now? >> that is a very good question especially with all the tax money that they're sending out, this is just one example of another marijuana club that the feds have decided to put their attention towards and we will see if they are able to fight it and stay open. >> thank you. >> it is not uncommon for big box stores to get a cold shoulder. but that is not the case in one bay area neighborhood. wal-mart announced plans to set up shop in evergreen terrorists swear in east san jose. the big box store will take a 41,000 square feet. len ra
wells fargo did offer him $5,000 in relocation assistance. if you have a consumer problem and give us a call. ore head to watch. >> is a classic case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. >> think about how many foreclosures there are and how big the banks are. throughout the country. >> they're just wrong to turn right around and sell the house and get their money back in this poor man has nothing. that is infuriating and nauseating. >> you should do more. >> thank you for sharing his story. ok. a judge in new york told twitter to turn over nearly three months worth of messages from and occupy wall street protester. the severance based company had been fighting the demand. the judge says that he will review all that material and provide relevant portions to prosecutors. the outcome is significant as law enforcement becomes even more aggressive in seeking information about what people say and do on the internet. >> the state senate will vote this week on california's high speed rail project and that could mean big money for bay area transit agen
neighborhood and left three others damaged. cate caugurian tells us that investigators say it was no accident. >> police now have two people in custody connection with this morning fire. a 61 year-old man and woman that was taken away in handcuffs just hours after he was arrested. take a look at the aftermath of this morning's fire, this was a house once restorethree stories tall and is now rubble. this fire started around 3:00 a.m. and it took more than 100 firefighters and 41 units to get it under control. the concern was how each of the buildings were close to one another. there was also a downed power line but there were able to manage in contain at fire under an hour. 10 people were displaced but thankfully there were no injuries. cate caugurian, cbs 5. >> two days of deliberations but no verdict in the william lynch case. he is the man accused of attacking a priest to he says molested him years ago. len ramirez tells us that the jury's decision will be significant, no matter what it turns out to be. >> william lynch is a hero to some and a vigilante to others, accused of felony assault
improvements. they also want to use the money for public transportation and you know that this is actually to get people off of the roads. >> thank you. the exclusive eyewitness news poll found people in the bay area and overwhelmingly oppose the miles traveled tax thing. 82 percent say it is a bad idea, only 13% say that it is a good idea. >> governor jerry brown put california high-speed rail system on the fast track. but as he was signing the bill to get it going, a former lawmaker that was one of the fans of the bullet train was warning that it will be a bust. grace lee is here with what the governor had to say about that. >> it is official, governor jerry brown signed the bill that authorized funding for the first leg of the high-speed rail project. he's not letting a recent poll showing declining voter approval for the $60 billion project dampen his enthusiasm. >> first of all i do not really believe in that field goal and i will tell you one reason led do not, high-speed is very popular where i am now, it is an investment in the future and a poll here and a cold air, and temples in
was not in session in san fransisco today because workers walked off of the job this morning. joe vasquez tells us why they say this strike has been a long time coming. >> a surprise strike at 8:30 a.m., hundreds of union workers began their ticket out of three courthouses and they seriously disrupted the entire superior court system. >> did you have jury duty? go home. did you want to file for divorce? that'll have to wait. a surprise strike by 200 court room workers has been a flat tire on the wheels of justice in san fransisco. at the civil courts building i found frustrated people having to file paperwork into an unmarked boxes. at all justice, sign after sign saying that the court room was out of commission today. hallways are usually bustling but were completely empty. >> they are very totalitarian about their demands and have not been bargaining in good faith. >> union workers with s e i u say that they'reot upset about a 5 percent pay cut imposed on them earlier this month, they say that they're mostly angry that the state will not provide them with financial information, details that woul
of photographs of the shark and give us a video of the area where it was spotted. the santa cruz county sheriff's department says that it is about 14 ft. long, rangers are warning people to stay out of the water, and fliers have gone up warning people about the sharks. less than two weeks ago is architect a man kayaking near pleasure point in santa cruz county, the shark not to the kayaker into the water but he was rescued by a nearby bogor. he was not hurt. >> tonight investigators are trying to figure out how california high-school students manage to post photographs on line of the state's annual start test. now results of this year's testing have been delayed for weeks. linda yee is in san jose where to schools are in hot water. >> they are, but state educators say that right now those pictures have been taken down, since it was exposed that this happened last spring. but it is certainly not taken down before the damage was done, and it certainly raises questions because this breach means that someone was not watching the kids when they were taking those important test. >> the annual tests a
. that somehow children use more resources. >> but the tenants' rights group says that targeting children as against the law but still the city apartment manager has restricted where and how the children play. >> there are several pregnant mothers, they were told that when they have the kids love to find elsewhere accommodations. >> we tried to find out their side of the story but the apartment manager was not answered her door or telephone but we did see her for a brief moment. >> tenants identified at this woman as a manager, she called police but they led the protests continue. eight families were given eviction notices and to have already moved out but today's protest was designed to empower the rest, they have filed a complaint of the state and promised legal action if the evictions are not stopped. the tennis advocate is concerned to see housing discrimination against children become a growing trend. these families have more immediate worries, wondering if they will be able to stay in their homes with their children. >> a 13 year-old boy from san fransisco was pulled from the russia
on line this fall for free. the cbs 5 reporter ann noterangelo tells us why some professors are not on board with this plan. >> uc-berkeley aknowledge is that it cannot duplicate the classroom experience on-line but maybe there are people that don't need it? if you have a computer you can take some courses are better offered on campus, on line, for free. >> the barrier to knowledge should be your own curiosity, not what the university as is willing to publish or let out of their doors. >> the evolution of education just jump a notch, uc-berkeley has joined mit and harvard, partnering with a nonprofit to offer free on-line classes. >> there is an ego thing about how many students they can teach and positively influence. >> is not the first on that offer free on-line class is increasing spirit shows most of the people were from out of the united states, they were educated ranging in age between 10 and 103. each class at between 15,050 thousand students, although eight to 10 percent actually complete the course. some say this has helped their professional development, the first
that is used in the valley, comes from the delta. that means 220,000 people could benefit from this delta pipeline project. but they're going to have to pay for it. the deltas liquid gold is destined for the central valley and southern california, and places in between. >> we cannot survive without the state water project. >> no one really knows how much the governor's tunnelling but the delta plan will cost to build and maintain that the initial estimate is $14 billion and it will be paid for by water users. the notion that tunnels are for southern california and not the bay area is mistaken according to the water directors who use a different matter than the rest of us. >> in terms of the state water project, southern california starts at the delta. and so we are part of southern california. >> and we need a more reliable water system that is not at the mercy of levees and state regulatory winds. >> i tell my customers that it is not about the others, it is about us, we cannot maintain our current quality of life here in this valley where we have such a high reliance on imported water,
to be tough to swallow that. >> under state law all these millions of dollars being discovered cannot be used to help balance the state budget so a tax hike is still desperately needed. which way where the voters go depends on which answers the lawmakers get once they're back in session. >> in makes you wonder, what else have they not discovered, what else might be hidden in plain sight? >> they're guessing it will find a lot more money somewhere but where the money will go is a big question. >> thank you. >> with just three months before the election there are major problems with the republican party in california. it is deep in debt. the california party is board has approved laying off staff at their main headquarters in sacramento. campaign finance reports to be released next week are expected to show the california gop to be at least $300,000 in the red. and in the second half-hour we would hear what the party's executive director has to say about the money problems. >> it was once the darling of social media but now it appears that facebook is floundering, the stock dropped nearly 12 pe
today? >> i want to see him in a yellow jumpsuit. all the people that used to work with them, all of his co- workers, they all knew that he would get in trouble at some point. >> the judge reduced the charge to assault today. he is scheduled back in court on tuesday. him pleasanton, cbs 5. >> a 15 year-old boy was driving this car when he smashed into a tree in alameda overnight and tonight he is in critical condition and five of his friends are hurt. linda yee tells us that investigators think this started as a teenage joy ride. >> that is exactly right. under aged driver and a joy ride, those are never good combinations. and now alameda police investigators are trying to sort out exactly what happened. the car jumped a sidewalk and slammed into a tree, spinning around and shearing a second tree before stopping. the tree trunk is seemed crushed against the driver side. alameda police suspect that speed was a problem >> just by the damage to the vehicle, if it was not the primary cause of the collision, it may have played a factor judging by the damage to the vehicle behind me .. >> a ne
out what to do with their police radio system. police officers have told us for some time that the system has never really worked well. but when officers had problems with it during the president's visit last week, that got everyone's attention. linda yee spoke with the police chief today. >> the timing could not have been worse, but the chief said he wants to make it clear that to everyone, that most of that criticism was working. they knew that they had problems at 10:00 a.m. the day that the president was here. now city leaders are going to have to make some very expensive decisions. the president at the fox theater ... outside demonstrators getting active, riot police on standby. but if the protest got ugly, a could have been disastrous. the radios that officers rely on to communicate, once again, were having problems. >> this is what we face every night with his current system. you do not know when or where it will not work. >> it has been an ongoing problem since oakland installed a new radio system last summer. during this deadly chase and standoff, officers could n
showed us the back of the restaurant where graffiti still bleeds through the new paint. he described it as a billboard for gangs. >> this area right here is prone to those to gangs running into one another. >> to you consider this to be a problem location? >> most definitely. at this point, most definitely. we have had five major assaults within the last 12 months. >> police say that only one case was gang-related. this morning a man was shot and two people arrested after an argument. police say that the primary problems seem to be large crowds, too much out all, and underage drinking. two of the witnesses were miners that were drunk and that is not uncommon. >> good the bar be doing a better job managing its patrons? >> we believe so. at some of those compromises have been done in the city and i'm sure that those are being looked at. >> like other cities in the bay area that have had problems associated with the bar scene, the santa rosa city attorney and alcohol beverage control are looking for ways to rein in the bar. there for step is to examine their permit but miguel does not t
gyms area which is one of the initial areas that were evacuated three days ago. behind us you can still see the big puffy cloud of smoke from this fire, it shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. >> you get everything in line, and mother nature does its best. >> at the mercy of mother nature ... firefighters know that since condition still are not cooperating, >> we still have a lot of work ahead of us. >> we're out of triple digits temperatures but not out of the woods yet. on day three this fire is still on the attack now making a run north to the tiny town of iowa hill where evacuation are already in effect. the fire is also making a run in the yankee jim area. winds to the south are fanning the fire that has grown beyond 11 a.. >> the fire that you see behind us, very easily could bring the fuel it has already burned above, and do what it did yesterday. >> limited resources and of access on their mountain roads means that firefighters on the front lines are faced with tough choices. some of these funds are burning at very tough spots. for example this one is on a hillside, diff
for the governor's plan and democrats tell us >> actually was not the legislature, the governor pulled back the bill. so, at our not action, he may have felt frustration because it was negotiating with a lot of parties. negotiating with labor ... >> and the governor did pull back in part because of questions about his plan to use the 401k as well as public money. and because he found the democrats countered hand fell far short of his goals. >> that is why has not been signed yet. i am the guardian of pension reform and i will get it done. >> once again, the governor comes face-to-face with the reality that sacramento is not necessarily ready to make the changes that he has called for. it puts his tax package at risk as well because unless he has something solid to show voters and he is not sure they will go for it and so far that reform remains a bit of an illusion until he can line up the votes and the support to get some real stuff done. >> thank you. >> new tonight, san francisco mayor ed lee as fighting words for his suspended sherrif, in a statement this afternoon the mayor said " enou
50 mi., used a fake name, put on gloves, and beat up and bloodied an elderly man. we charged mr. lynch for the crimes that he committed. >> lynch was greeted as a hero as he walked with a hall of justice, he said he was happy but surprised. >> going down into what i did, it is debatable whether it was justified, depending on where you stand. but when it comes to ending the cycle of sexual abuse against children, i was wrong for what i did. if i am going to be taking responsibility, i have to take it fully. and in doing that i was perpetuating the cycle of violence. >> his attorney says the wrong man was put on trial and hopes the district attorney will turn his attention to the priest that denied molesting him under oath and may have committed perjury. >> the district attorney was so fond about talking about the rule of law and how the rule of law must be followed, then next week he better be in handcuffs in this courthouse. >> in his news conference this afternoon the district attorney did not indicate whether or not he would seek perjury charges against the priest, he also was
. >> the old " was used for drinking, water is for fighting over a " routine. but there's also much to go around here, we have a finite supply? >> his point is that southern california should driver using what they have a little better rather than coming north. and it will be the fight, like i said, of this administration. it was the site of the last one. here we go again. >> thankyou. >> right now a silence the violence rally is wrapping up in the san francisco south of market district. among those attending is the chief of police and the suspended sherrif ross mirkarimi. the area has more police calls than in any other part of the city and it has seen a high number of murder since the start of the year. joe vasquez is here with what the city plans to do about it. >> as you mentioned, this rally has just wrapped up, one of the hallmarks here is right back there behind the yellow tape. a mock representation of a dead body with a chalk outline. and, as i say, it is not, it is not real. but the concern for violence yourself of market street has become extremely real as of late. >> she did n
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